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   how to make studying easy   |   school and you
how to make studying easy
i hate school
most of the time.
but what to do?
let us try to make it fun as much as we can.

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save this page to your computer and read it peacefully : you will enjoy it!
Look at my cat who does nothing but sit in the warmest place in the house and goes to sleep whenever possible. It looks so relaxed that i feel there is always a smile on its face. i am jealous of my cat. It does not have to go to school, no exams, and no work.... No competition, no making your parents proud in front of everyone. Life is beautiful for cats. But we humans cannot escape the school let us try to make it as fun as possible. ' An ambitious plan ' you might say, but no harm in trying. If we can put our heads together we might achieve it.

  Let us meet two of our subjects in this issue and try to make them enjoyable.

1. Language

In the language textbook we learn different passages, stories and essays!  
Who created this subject?
Most of them are boring, and uninteresting.
The questions that are asked in the exams are so terrible!
I do not understand what is the use of teaching us language, in our later life?
Who created this subject and the curriculum?
I am sure that person never went to school.
There is grammar, then and essays and letter writing.  

Now let us see how can we make this subject easy for us:
You can try these tips told by some rainbow friends
if you know some tips, please write to rainbow and
help other friends.

Write your own text book

Write your own textbook for the subject.
This trick always works for all the subjects.
Translate what the writer has written in your own language and in your own slang. It does not take much time.
You can create funny ways of writing.
For example, if in the essay it is written: `when I first visited the `Taj-mahal' I was so excited that I could not speak anything for a while.'  You can write, `the writer could not speak anything when he visited `Taj-mahal' then why is he troubling us by saying it now?'
The idea is to make the lessons closer to your heart and mind.
Make your own film:

Whether it is language paper or history if there are characters in the story.
Make your own film of the story in your mind.
Cast the characters.
For example if there is a role of Alexander whom would you cast for the role?
You can cast hritik as Alexander in your mind film.
What would be your location?
Would there be songs in the film?
Write a song about Shahistekhan crying and lamenting after Shivaji cut his fingers. In language you can make your own film of all the stories and essays in the text.

Word magic:
Every word has it's own magic.
For example `exciting'.
Who must have created this word?
The moment you see the word or hear it you can a peculiar feeling comes in your body and mind.
It has so many shades.
Who must have created the word `god'?
Every thing that is supreme and beautiful comes together in that word; it makes you feel safe and good.
Look at the language with wonder.
Any word a combination of some sounds can do wonders; the words used by Hitler can destroy many and the words used by saints can save many.
Look and understand the power of words. In your textbook you will find variety of these words.
Same words used differently by different people.
Imagine the lifestyle and the state of mind of the writer when he writes a particular passage or essay.
See what times and background the writer comes from; what made him write on a particular subject and not another.
Just forget about the exam and look at the words and at the one who has written them.

Two sides of the same coin:

There are always two sides of the coin.
If some thought is presented in the story or essay, write the other side of the same thought, oppose each and every thought and action in the essay.
When you will write the opposite viewpoint you will automatically remember the original viewpoint written in the essay.


British still rule us in history text book
Most of us do not understand why did god not think of any other torture system than creating `history'   subject in the school.
The wars, the reasons of those wars, the outcome of those wars, and the endless what happened when  : my god why don't they leave us alone and live in the present?
British left the country years ago but we are still in the bondage .
We still have to learn about them. And what is the use of learning history anyway ? let us think about the future.

Difficulty in enjoying history
So you see with these strong feelings it becomes really difficult to enjoy history.

writing history in your own words
You can try the trick of writing the history in your own words.
For example, If Shivaji had a lap top in his times then he would have sent an E-mail to his mother when he was put under house arrest by Aurangzeb; and would have escaped much easily in the fruit baskets.

You can make your own historical film.    
 Like Shekhar Kapoor you can also make your own film of  Queen Elizabeth in your own mind  and give the role of Queen Elizabeth to Kajol or Tabu.
That would make history much easier for you .

Time Machine:
 There is one wonderful game that you can play with yourself taking the history book in your hand.
Your own time machine : Get in to your time machine and choose one period.
For example if you want to visit akbar when he was ruling in Delhi , Imagine that you are sitting in your time machine and going to  meet Akbar. Akbar is sitting in his Navratna Darbar, with Birbal sitting beside him, and Tansen is singing. And you ask
Akbar about his new religion Din-e-ilahi. Akbar is very pleased to know that some kid from the future wants to know about his religion and gives you all the information about him happily.  
 Then take a trip all over the world , visiting different countries in that same year. Do you know what was happening in England when Akbar was in Delhi, it is wonderfully entertaining to find out what was happening in different parts of the world at the same time.  

some other subjects and different tips in the next issue.

If you have your tips or ideas to share with my own rainbow we would be very grateful. Anything that would make life easy with school is welcome.
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