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homework help corner:

ask a question on any subject and find the answer.
science , maths, geography, history, drawing, music, sports, entertainment, gardening, etc.
you can treat this search as a homework help
or you can treat is as a treat to your
put any word in the box that you want to know more about and get a lot of information on the subject!
choose a word. for example moon, write it in the box.
then click the 'go' . you will see a list of lot of web site related with the word moon. do not click every option.
select one option with the information that you want.
it will take some practice to find the exact site that you want , but if you try two three times you will understand the trick and you will see how easy it is to get a lot of information about any subject of your choice from all around the world. do not give up the effort.

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if you have any questions or doubts; if you were not able to find the answer to your question
send your question by E-mail.
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