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get this gear!
workshop room
music and nature workshop
experience the  music magic with pictures +imagination.
duration: 30 minutes
property required:
 imagination +magic music mugs given below.

the work shop steps:
choose the magic music mug given bellow.
see a photograph.
imagine that you are there in the place shown in the photograph.
put on the music and close your eyes.

imagine yourself alone in the place in the photograph.
what are you doing there?
you can do it again and again till you feel you have really been in that picture.
every time the magic will be different.        

the magic mugs:
music of the road the road music mug
the rain music mug the rain music mug
watching nation geography

choose a programme from national geography.

when the programme begins put off the sound.

then start looking at the programme, without the music and commentary.

think about the weather of the place shown in the programme.
is it hot or cold? are the people sweating or shivering?
think about the wind.
the mud.
the rain.
how would it feel to be there?
are the trees rustling?
the sounds of the surroundings.
would it be easy walking down the road , climbing the mountain or rowing the boat: depending upon which programme you are watching.
think about all these things and watch the programme without the sound.
once you have watched a programme without sound , thinking about all these things , you will enjoy all the programmes better.
please write to rainbow how you felt doing the workshop.