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Bonnie and her Exploits

Story 1.
Once upon a time, a little puppy was pursued by a big, bad, mad, black dog named kalu. The puppy was lost. She did not know where her mother was and she was frightened of the big black bad dog Kalu who tried to bite her or so she thought. The frightened little puppy found a small garden where she hid behind a bush.
She was whimpering softly when Janavi found her. Janavi had a little son whose name was Harsha. Harsha loved dogs and he liked the look of this little puppy. As was usual, whenever Harsha found little lost animals like kittens and puppies he wanted to have them as pets. Until now Janavi and his daddy had never agreed to let him keep an animal as his own pet.
Harsha wanted this little puppy badly. He pleaded and pleaded until  Janavi agreed to let him have this puppy if his daddy would agree.
Daddy had gone out for work and wouldn't have been back till lunch time. Little Harsha brought the puppy inside and spread a little jute cloth for the puppy to sit on. The puppy was still very frightened and was still shivering with fright. Harsha gave her some milk in a dish. The puppy realising that she was hungry lapped up all the milk. By then she was feeling better. The big bad black dog was nowhere to be seen and this little boy and his mummy seemed to be caring for her so she just curled up and went to sleep.
After a while, daddy came home for lunch. Little Harsha hugged him and put forth his request immediately. Daddy smiled and said that if Harsha helped Janavi look after the puppy he would not mind. Can you imagine how pleased Harsha was! He just jumped up and down and laughed and laughed and cuddled the little puppy. Now he had his own little puppy.
After lunch Harsha and Janavi gave the little puppy a bath and low and behold, the little doggie looked so beautiful. She was not muddy any more and her colour was very light pinkish brown, almost white. She also had dark brown eyes that were ever so gentle and a dark matching brown nose! She also looked plump so Janavi said they would name her Bonnie. And so it was that Bonnie, the puppy came to live in a pretty little bungalow with a small family who lived there.

Story 2.

On the first night Bonnie was not so sure that she had really found a home and people that cared. So she just would not stay in the box prepared for her in the passage and whimpered and jumped up on the armchair in the hall and refused to budge. Janavi, finally gave in and in the end even the chair was not comfortable for Bonnie so Bonnie ended up in Janavi's arms. Janavi had to spend the whole night carrying Bonnie and comforting her. Janavi did not know then that dogs can be trained to sleep in a box or a in a separate place.

Bonnie was a doggie who loved running away and going out on her own especially if she could untie herself. The door was always left open. Bonnie would get this desire of exploring the world on her own. One day she discovered that by pressing a strip on the chain hook she could free herself of the chain and then she would go out on her own visiting other people's gardens. If Janavi was out and was found by her whenever she went on a walk on her own, then she would decide to accompany Janavi  without so much as by your leave. That was not enough. She would make the whole traffic stop whenever she found she had to cross the road to accompany Janavi. Janavi used to be so embarassed by the whole event that she pretended that the doggie did not belong to her.
Bonnie was a strong doggie. She always desired to walk free without the chain. Janavi  did not understand this. She felt that she was taking Bonnie for a walk and had to do so with Bonnie on a chain. Janavi wanted to go one way, Bonnie another. The conflict was decided by Bonnie using all her strength to pull and there Janavi would be sprawled full length on the road and Bonnie away on a walk of her own scott free and disowning Janavi in her turn.
Bonnie was popularly known as Bhundi chacha. She was so called fondly Janavi's daughter Nupur. Nupur loved Bonnie a lot and would take her out on walks often. Bonnie too behaved herself and never left her sprawled on the roads. It was only with Janavi that she had her revenge.
One day the family decided that since Janavi  could not manage Bonnie and as Janavi  suffered from back aches and as Janavi's brother-in-law needed a good watch dog at their home in the country side they would get a small puppy who was better behaved and would take Bonnie to the country side home. But that is another story. And I will tell it to you later on.

Bonnie had another habit. She loved to eat Bananas. But any Banana seller would  not do. she had a very low opinion of all the banana sellers except one. He was the only Banana seller whose bananas she would eat. He was one Banana Seller from whom Janavi  had to buy bananas everyday. And if for some reason she saw the banana seller leaving without Janavi  buying a banana from him, she would bark and bark and the whole colony would know about it. The banana seller would then wait patiently till Janavi  came out to buy the bananas.
Bananas, it is said, are good for the brains. Nobody till then knew that they were good even for doggys' brains.