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 rainbow friends do lots of fun things. such as,

creative rainbow
become a rainbow Artist! or a rainbow Writer ! or a rainbow Thinker!
and participate in the making of my own rainbow!  
hobby help
rainbow will help you in your hobbies and interests.
if your passion is music, rainbow will guide to the world of music. by email, you will get all the information you want on any subject you want.just write to rainbow and ask the question.
rainbow will also help you solve your problems with your hobbies.if you are a painter rainbow will put up your exhibition in 'my own rainbow'. if you like to write rainbow will publish your stories in 'my own rainbow'

you can join the rainbow chats
on the subjects of your interest.

rainbow will help you be more happy.
if you have any problems,with your school, friends, brothers and sisters
write to rainbow,  talk to you about your problems.
just tell your parents to send rainbow an email, that they do not mind your participation in talk with rainbow,
rainbow would love to talk to your parents and answer all their questions.  

rainbow will conduct many workshops for you.
for example,in  puppet workshop. you will be taught how to make puppets,
theatre workshop, travel workshop and so on.
you can participate in any workshop  you like.
the work will be conducted, through rainbow groups,
and through email

there are many other wonderful  things that rainbow friends do!
become a rainbow friend and find out!