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the songs from film  
sound of music
sound of music
My day in the hills has come to an end, I know
The sun has come out to tell me it's time to go
But deep in the dark green shadows
Are voices that urge me to stay
So I pause and I wait and I listen
For one more sound, for one more lovely thing
That the hills might say...
The hills are alive with the sound of music
With songs they have sung for a thousand years
The hills fill my heart with the sound of music
My heart wants to sing every song it hears
My heart wants to beat like the wings of the birds
that rise from the lake to the trees
My heart wants to sigh like a chime
that flies from a church on a breeze
To laugh like a brook when it trips and falls
over stones on its way
To sing through the night
like a lark who is learning to pray
I go to the hills when my heart is lonely
I know I will hear what I've heard before
My heart will be blessed with the sound of music
And I'll sing once more

She climbs a tree and scrapes her knee
Her dress has got a tear
She waltzes on her way to mass
And whistles on the stair
And underneath her wimple she has curlers in her hair
I even heard her singing in the abbey
She's always late for chappel but her penitence is real
She's always late for everything except for every meal
I hate to have to say it but I very firmly feel
Maria's not an asset to the abbey
I like to say a word in her behalf
Maria makes me laugh
How do you solve a problem like Maria
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down
How do you find a word that means Maria
A flibbertijibbet, a will o-the wisp, a clown
Many a thing you know you like to tell her
Many a thing she ought to understand
But how do you make her stay
And listen to all you say
How do you keep a wave upon the sand
O how do you solve a problem like Maria
How do you hold our moonbeam in your hand
When I'm with her I'm confused, out of focus and bermused
And I never know exactly where I am
Unpredictable as wheather
She's as flighty as a feather
She's a darling, she's a demon, she's a lamb
She'd outpester any pest
Drive a hornet from its nest
She can throw a whirling dervish out of whirl
She is gentle, she is wild
She's a riddle, she's a child
She's a headache, she's and angel
She's a girl

I Have Confidence

What will this day be like, I wonder
What will my future be, I wonder
It could be so exciting
To be out to the world, to be free
My heart should be wildly rejoicing
Oh, what's the matter with me
I've always long for adventure
To do the things I've never dared
And here I'm pleasing adventure
Then why am I so scared
A captain with seven children
What so fearsome about that
Oh, I must stop this doubts, all this worries
If I don't I just know I'll turn back
I must dream of the things I am seeking
I am seeking the courage I lack
The courage to serve them with reliance
Face my mistakes without defiance
Sho them I'm worthy
And while I show them, I'll show me.......
So let them bring on all their problems
I'll do better than my best
I have confidence they'll put me to the test
But I'll make them see I have confidence in me
Somehow I will impress them
I will be firm but kind
And all those children, heaven bless them
They will look up to me and mind me
With each step I'm almost certain
Everything will turn out find
I have confidence, the world can all be mine
They'll have to agree I have confidence in me
I have confidence in sunshine
I have confidence in rain
I have confidence that spring will come again
Besides which you see I have confidence in me
Strength doesn't lie in numbers
Strength doesn't lie in wealth
Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers
When you wake up, wake up!
It's healthy
All I trust I leave my heart to
All I trust becomes my own
I have confidence, in confidence alone
(Oh help........)
I have confidence, in confidence alone
Besides which you see I have confidence in me

you are sixteen
(Rolf): You are sixteen, going on seventeen, baby it's time to think.
Better beware, be canny and careful, baby you're on the brink.
You are sixteen, going on seventeen, fellows will fall in line...
Totally unprepared are you, to face a world of men.
Timid and shy and scared are you, of things beyond your kin.
You need someone older and wiser, telling you what to do.
I am seventeen, going on eighteen. I'll take care of you...

favourite things
...bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things... When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad.

...the first three notes just happen to be, Do-Re-Mi.
Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti, oh let's see if I can make it easier
Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray, a drop of golden sun
Me, a name I call myself, Far, a long, long way to run
Sew, a needle pulling thread, La, a note to follow So
Tea, a drink with jam and bread, that will bring us back to Do...

Edelweiss, Edelweiss, every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright, you look happy to meet me
Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow, bloom and grow forever
Edelweiss, Edelweiss, bless my homeland forever...

climb every mountain
Climb ev'ry mountain, search high and low
Follow ev'ry byway, every path you know
Climb ev'ry mountain, ford every stream
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream
A dream that will need all the love you can give
Every day of your life for as long as you live...

somewhere in my youth
(Maria) Perhaps I had a wicked childhood, perhaps I had a miserable youth
But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past, there must have been a moment of truth
For here you are standing there loving me, whether or not you should
So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good
Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.