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                                                                       rainbow storiescollection :
* river story      
* tree story
*house story
*tobu story
*sun story

                                                                       old classic collection:
                                 * sherlock holms adventure
                                                  *adventures of Huckleberry Finn
                                                                and the story of  mark twain

                                                                       fairy tales and fables
                                                                                             * a story of from Aesop's fables
*the black thief  and the knight of glen

                                            writings to make me think :
                                                                                             * i have a dream : martin luther king
                                                                                                       *thought traveller writes
                                                                                                                      *look in the mirror
                                                                           fun reading :
* jokes
* riddles
                                                  new  story  added in november 2000:

                                                                * little prince

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