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tips for the artist

artist is one who finds paintings ,stories, music and dance all around him or her.

artist does not have to go to the art museum to see the painting.

he or she can be sitting in the school and will find a wonderful painting just outside the window.

the colors of skies, the lines of buildings, the music of the birds, the story of the friends around him or her will be there all the time for the artist to enjoy.

artist has to remind him or her to keep the eyes, ears, nose and spirit open to experience these art pieces in the daily life.  

how to write a story and how to paint a picture?

if you want to paint a picture, do not think about how a painting should be done.

there is no shoulds and musts in how to paint a picture.

paint a picture because to want to paint it.
there are no rules.

just paint it.

if you want to write a story , do the same.

there are no rules about how to write a story.

just write whatever you want to write.

the only thing to remember it, that you should enjoy painting your picture, and you should enjoy writing a story.

if any one tells you that this is not the way a story is written or a picture is painted, do not listen to them.

just tell them that you write your story, or draw the way you want to, i will do it the way i want to.

if you enjoy whatever you are doing it is right for you!   

actually, sometimes even if you do not enjoy  it , do it because you want to do it.

just 'wanting ' is good enough.     

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